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Original spare parts for Kartar Tractors

Kartar Tractors supplies original spare parts for the servicing of Kartar tractors during the guarantee and post-guarantee periods via its sales and service network and contract agents.

For the long life of your tractor and equipment, always use original Kartar Tractors Spare parts.

Original spare parts go through rigorous quality checks during their manufacture. Original parts are the same parts that the company uses on the assembly line.

Using original spare parts ensures that you are using the latest and up to date technology.

Original spare parts come with the brand promise that Kartar Tractors deliver in every domain.

Using Non- Original parts puts your machine and other genuine parts at risk. It can lead to a catastrophic failure.

By using Non – original parts, the guarantee and support of the product are void.

How to identify original spare parts


Original spare parts are supplied in original packaging carrying the Kartar Tractor’s logo and labelled with the product number and a unique identification number.


Original spare parts will always match with the drawings and information provided in spare parts catalogue.